System Protection for your hydronic heating installations

SysPro™ Products, located in Connecticut specializes in fluid treatment protocols for your hydronic heating and cooling systems.
About Us

What makes us different

Manufacturer Recommended

SysPro Products are the only treatment recommended by Microheat for their new series of electric tankless water heaters.

Certified NSF HT1 non-food standards

SysPro products are non-hazardous and safe to use in any hydronic system, including those supporting food production.

Maximize your system efficiency

If your HVAC system incorporates a hot water boiler, tankless water heater, heat pump, or chiller, we have a treatment protocol to help your system run more efficiently.
our products

Inhibitor and Antifreeze Solutions

Protection for your hydronic heating and cooling systems  

SysPro Corrosion Inhibitor

Prevent limescale and corrosion

SysPro Inhibitor Antifreeze

Protect your system from freezing conditions

Our Promise

Sustainable Products

Save energy, save the environment, and save on costs with SysPro Products

Sustainability and respect for the environment is a key part of the SysPro ethos. Our manufacturing facilities are accredited not only to ISO 9001 but to ISO 14001 which is a globally recognizable environmental standard.

All raw materials are sourced from reputable and vetted suppliers in the US to reduce our supply chain carbon footprint. Our product packaging is recyclable and the bucket is robustly designed for safety and future use.

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