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Treatment is designed to protect the life of the hydronic system, but an annual replenishment is necessary when the system is being serviced or maintained. Any top-up or refill must be with undiluted SysPro Inhibitor or Inhibited Antifreeze.
SysPro products are easy and convenient to use as they are premixed and there is no dilution necessary. Simply fill the system with the required volume.

Overdosing is not possible as the product is supplied ready to use. However, underdosing may mean that the system is not fully protected. This can happen if you partially drain the system during maintenance or home improvement, and do not refill with undiluted SysPro product. It is important that there is always sufficient chemical water treatment present to prevent corrosion and scale.

SysPro products are designed to be used on systems of all ages. However older, dirty systems that have not previously been dosed would benefit from cleaning or power flushing to remove existing dirt and debris before adding SysPro Inhibitor or Inhibited Antifreeze products.
You should only drain your hydronic system water into the floor drain or a septic tank if local water regulations allow. Do not drain your system water into street drains, surface or rainwater gullies and never pour water from a hydronic system onto your yard or lawn.
Corrosion happens when water in a closed system comes into contact with air and metal inside the system piping. The mixing of these elements produces iron oxide (rust) and hydrogen gas. Corrosion is also accelerated when poor system maintenance causes harmful system pH (acidity levels). This results in the metal decay of vital system components. Corroded piping causes pressure loss and leaks.

Limescale is produced when water in a closed system is heated. The natural hardness and quality of the fill water influences the speed of scale formation. Limescale forms in the hottest part of the system clogging up the heat exchanger in the boiler, causing blockages in the piping.

Together, corrosion and limescale can lead to system inefficiency, increased energy usage, system unreliability and untimely system failure. Common symptoms of corrosion and limescale formation include:

  • Radiator cold spots and failure
  • Pump seizure
  • Heat exchanger damage
  • Blockages and narrowing of flow channels

… to name just some of the problems that can quickly happen even in new systems.

SysPro Inhibitor and Inhibited Antifreeze can stop these problems from happening. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to corrosion and scale.

Installing a new hydronic heating system or a water heater is a significant household investment. SysPro products help keep the system working at peak performance as well as protect your system against breakdown, repair, and, ultimately, early replacement.  The two main causes of poor performance and failure in hydronic systems are:
  • Corrosion
  • Limescale